Cabinet Cooling

Cabinet Cooling is essential to protect CNC systems. Filter blowers keep CNC systems cool and clean. CNC cabinet cooling is achieved with air conditioners & blower systems. These CNC coolers include motor driven cabinet fans for cooling & ventilating DC servo motors. For extreme conditions, CNC Cabinet air conditioners are used. These CNC AC units have 500 CFM to 3000 CFM airflow, and are fitted with metal mesh filters. Wayne Products Electra-Cool filtered blowers can be ordered today. Sometimes used filter blowers can be purchased at up to half the cost of new.


Filter Blower

Our custom filter blowers are a cost saving way to ensure cool and clean operations of CNC systems. These CNC cabinet cooling filter blowers are custom sourced and are ready to start protecting CNC router controllers. Our kits are available in 150 CFM and 270 CFM models.

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