AC Motor Drives

AC motor drives are also known as variable frequency drives (VFDs,) variable speed drives (VSDs,) and inverters. New Delta VFDs & sometimes used other brand AC motor drives for CNC spindle motors in stock now. Used inverters can save more than half the cost of new. Having a spare VFD on hand will help prevent costly downtime in the event of an untimely outage. Does your company keep spare inverters in stock? Ask our sales engineers for assistance choosing the right VFD combo for your application.

Delta VFD-C2000 series

We recommend Delta VFD-C2000 series inverters when buying for new applications and to replace old and broken AC motor drives for your CNC router spindle. We also troubleshoot the Delta inverter replacement process. Wiring diagrams are available upon request to make the replacement and programming as painless as possible. Most of our customers seem to want Delta 3 phase 460V –  7.5 HP and 10 HP VFDs. Because of this, we keep those in stock at all times. These are used for CNC spindle motors and other electric motors for automation. Which VFD does your company need? Contact us for more information. Se Habla Español.