AC Motor Drives / VFDs

AC motor drives are also called variable frequency drives (VFD). We use the variable frequency drive for 3 phase spindle motors. Sometimes they are called inverters, adjustable frequency drives (AFD), variable-voltage / variable-frequency (VVVF) drives, variable speed drives, AC drives, and micro drives. In fact, all types of AC drive brands are used in electro-mechanical systems. They control AC motor speed and torque of the cnc spindle motor by varying motor input frequency and voltage.

Variable Frequency Drives

Our most popular variable frequency drive inverter series are Delta VFD-2000 and Yaskawa V1000. These are the two most likely to replace any CNC spindle VFD you might need. We are always happy to verify and cross reference AC Motor Drives. Of course if you know what you need, go ahead and click to buy where possible and we will get your VFD shipped. If you have questions, need information or can’t find what you are looking for we are always happy to help.

VFD AC Motor Drive Cross Reference

Our experienced CNC router service technicians can assist in cross-referencing the correct variable frequency drive for your application. We offer free telephone troubleshooting support to our customers. Wire diagrams are available upon request. 

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