Spindle Motors

CNC Parts Dept., Inc. are national distributors for spindle motor brands Precision Drive Systems (PDS), Giordano Colombo, Perske, HSD, and Hiteco. We are proud to supply the best quality selection of high-speed industrial spindle motors to many manufacturing factories and facilities across the United States. 

If you are in need of a CNC spindle expert, you are in the right place. There are many types of spindle motors to choose from including automatic tool change and manual tool change spindle motors. Many types of spindle cooling methods, tool sizes, power and voltage options are available. If you are replacing a spindle, we can quote the price, availability and lead time. If a new application is needed, our skilled engineers can specify the right spindle motor and AC motor drive for you. In addition, we offer free telephone troubleshooting support to our customers.

Spindle Motor Lead Times

Spindle motor lead times may vary from in-stock to up to 18 weeks or longer. We recommend keeping a spare spindle motor on the shelf to avoid costly downtime. Used spindles are often in stock and can often save up to half the cost of new. Contact us for product availability.