HSD MTC Spindle Motors

HSD MTC spindle motors are manual tool-change electro-spindles. They are designed with high power density and compactness, making them ideal for wood, plastic and aluminum. They are used for all different applications. From milling and drilling to edge-bending. These HSD CNC spindles are often called collet spindles. Of course we can get the collets you need so be sure to ask.

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HSD Spindle Motor Distributor

CNC Parts Dept stocks and distributes HSD spindle motors and spindle spart parts that are commonly used on DMS, FMT Patriot, and  Motionmaster CNC machines. Other routers that utilize HSD motors include Biesse, Shopbot, Laguna Tools, Thermwood, Shop Sabre, Quintax, Techno CNC, AXYZ, Hendrick, and Multicam. In addition, HSD CNC spindle motors are featured on Kuka robots.

Spindle Motor Lead Time & Availability

Spindle motor lead time and availability varies. We recommend keeping a spare CNC spindle motor on the shelf to avoid costly downtime. Contact us today for a quick product quote! 

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