Fagor 8055 CNC

Fagor 8055 CNC systems provide a perfect solution to both types of machining as it offers ISO G-code language highly suitable for high speed production based machining and the intuitive ICON key conversational programming language for small series or unitary work pieces where programming/set-up time is a crucial factor in determining the productivity of the machine. The flexibility of Fagor 8055 CNC allows the possibility to combine both of these programming methods, thus increasing operator efficiency in addition to providing him with expanded capabilities.

We offer replacement parts for all series of the Fagor 8055 CNC systems including 8055i, 8055, 8055AB/M, 8055C, 8055 Plus, and 8055 Power. 

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  • Fagor Automation

    Fagor 8050 / 8055 Start / Stop Button

  • Fagor Mon-50-14C-COL monitor

    Fagor 8050 14″ VGA CRT Monitor

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  • Fagor 8055 CNC front operator panel

    Fagor 8055 11″ LCD Monitor Front Operator Panel

  • Fagor 8055 AB-M CPU

    Fagor 8055 AB-M CPU Module

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  • Fagor Automation

    Fagor 8055 Axes Module

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  • Fagor 8055 CNC System Hard Disk HD 8055-E

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  • Fagor 8055 CNC front operator panel

    Fagor 8055 CNC Sytem Monitor MONITOR-55M-11-LCD

  • Fagor CNC 83120150

    Fagor 8055 Flash Memory Key Card

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  • Fagor CNC 8055 IO

    Fagor 8055 I/O Tracing Module

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  • Fagor 8055 Sercos

    Fagor 8055 Sercos Interface Module

  • Fagor 8055 Start/Stop button 8C401110

    Fagor 8055 Start/Stop Button

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  • fagor 8055 vpp (r) axes

    Fagor 8055 VPP (R) Axes Module Spare Part

  • Fagor 8055-PSB3 Power Supply Module

  • Fagor 8055-PSB6 Power Supply Module

  • Fagor Automation

    Fagor 8055M CNC System Monitor / Front Panel

  • Fagor Automation

    Fagor 8055M LCD Display Monitor


Most in-stock parts and accessories ship the same day from our warehouse in San Diego, California. Order by 2 pm (14:00) Pacific Standard Time for same day shipping on most items. Check out our eBay store for more CNC router parts for sale.

Fagor Automation Tech Support

CNC Parts Dept, Inc is a Fagor Automation world distributor. Ouservices department provides technical support for Fagor 8025, 8035, 8037, 8040, 8050, 8055, 8060 & 8065 CNC systems. We offer FREE telephone troubleshooting support to end users. Fagor CNC systems are commonly in use by  industrial CNC router machines including Motionmaster, DMS (Diversified Machine Systems), Freedom Machine Tool, Royce, Quintax and similar brands.

Fagor Controller Retrofits

In addition to technical support for Fagor CNC systems, our skilled engineers at CNC Services Inc. can provide many additional CNC services including Fagor CNC controller retrofits. Contact us today for more information about our CNC services available.