Fagor 8055 CNC

The continuous evolution of the Fagor 8055 CNC family contributes to the productivity increase. Fagor Automation is always improving the efficiency of machines. Fagor 8055 is for sectors requiring a robust, versatile and easy-to-install CNC system. The CNC consists of the following elements.

• Central unit
• Monitor
• Keyboard

The central unit (CPU) has a modular structure. There are 2 models. 3 and 6 modules. Either separate keyboard and monitor or keyboards with an incorporated monitor are available. The monitors are 11″ LCD. The keyboards are specific for each model and work mode.

High-speed machining

• Advanced algorithms for very accurate parts.
• Adaptive machining dynamics for best execution time.
• Work in inclined planes.

Easier machine setup

• Setup systems with graphic (GUI) assistance.
• Oscilloscope function to help optimize axis behavior.
• Circularity (roundness) test that helps improve the behavior of the machine when reversing the moving direction.

Operation with the user in mind

• The operation is designed for operators of conventional machines without prior programming knowledge as well as for experts on ISO-coded language.

Part preparation assistance

• Manual and automatic tool calibration.
• Part centering and part measuring cycles.
• Management of multiple part zero offsets.
• Part damage estimation.

Programming languages

• ISO-coded language for large series where optimizing the program is most important so execution time is as short as possible.
• Conversational language for small series or unitary (single) parts. It has been conceived for shops where programming time is a critical factor.

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  • Fagor Mon-50-14C-COL monitor

    Fagor 8050 14″ VGA CRT Monitor

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  • Fagor 8050/8055 Start/Stop

    Fagor 8050/8055 Start/Stop Button

  • Fagor 8055 monitor-55m-11-lcd

    Fagor 8055 11″ LCD Monitor Front Operator Panel

  • Fagor 8055 AB-M CPU

    Fagor 8055 AB-M CPU Module

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  • Fagor Automation

    Fagor 8055 Axes Module

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  • Fagor CNC 83120150

    Fagor 8055 Flash Memory Key Card

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  • Fagor 8055 Front Operator Panel

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  • Fagor CNC 8055 IO

    Fagor 8055 I/O Tracing Module

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  • Fagor Mon-55M-11-LCD monitor assembly

    Fagor 8055 M MON.55M 11-LCD

  • Fagor 8055 monitor-55m-11-lcd

    Fagor 8055 MONITOR-55M-11-LCD

  • Fagor 8055 Sercos Interface Module

  • fagor 8055 vpp (r) axes

    Fagor 8055 VPP (R) Axes Module Spare Part

  • Fagor 8055-PSB3 Power Supply Module, Used

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  • Fagor 8055-PSB6 Power Supply Module

  • Fagor CNC 100P

    Fagor CNC 100P Hand Wheel Remote

  • Fagor CPU-TUR 25 (512K) CPU turbo board

    Fagor CPU-TUR 25 (512K) CPU-Turbo Board

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