Fagor Servo Drives

Fagor Automation Fagor servo drives are on many CNC Machines. Fagor Automation offers an integral solution. Their large catalog of drive and motor systems integrate with Fagor CNC systems. The Fagor digital servo drive system is a modular drives system. There are a range of Fagor power supply models that are configured with power supply modules. These are connected directly to mains and with specific drive modules to govern axis motors. Some of these are non regenerative power supplies (PS) and Axis drives (AXD).

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Fagor Automation CNC Systems

Fagor Automation has been developing automation and control systems for over 30 years. Fagor Computer Numerical Control Systems are used for machine tools and manufacturing CNC’s, servo drives, servo motors and feedback systems. Fagor CNC systems are commonly in use by  industrial CNC machines including Motionmaster, DMS (Diversified Machine Systems), FMT (Freedom Machine Tool), Royce, Quintax, Ganesh (GT, GMV & GBM series) and similar 3 and 5 axis CNC routers.

Fagor Factory Authorized IntegratorFagor Automation Factory Authorized Integrator

CNC Parts Dept, Inc. is a Fagor Automation Factory Authorized Integrator (FAI) and world distributor. Our CNC service technicians offer Fagor CNC tech support nationwide. In addition to technical support for Fagor CNC systems, our skilled engineers at CNC Services Inc. can provide many additional CNC services including machine upgrades and Fagor CNC controller retrofits.

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