Fagor 8055 AB-M CPU Module


Fagor 8055 CPU AB-M module. Used.

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Fagor 8055 AB-M CPU module contains the system software and carries out the CNC functions (editing, execution, simulation, display, etc.), process the information of the rest of the modules and generate the video signals for the monitor. Optionally, it communicates with the drives via Sercos interface. It must be part of all the configurations and mounted as the first module from the left.

The Fagor 8055 AB-M CPU has these elements.

Connector ·X1·
Connector for the Keyboard connection.
25-pin SUB-D type female connector.

Connector ·X2·
Connector for connecting it with the monitor
(digital video output for Fagor monitors).
25-pin SUB-D type male connector.

Slot KeyCF
Compartment of the compact flash memory
with the CNC configuration (KeyCF).

Type A, USB 1.1 connector.
Admits connecting a “Pen Drive” type
memory device.

Ethernet connector to configure the CNC
within a local network.

Connector for the digital servo system
(CAN or Sercos).

Connector ·X3·
Connector for the serial communication line
9-pin SUB-D type male connector.

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