Fagor CNC Systems

Fagor Automation CNC Systems offer an integral solution to high performance machining centers and industrial CNC routers. Because of their large selection of features, Fagor meets the most demanding requirements.

We supply Fagor CNC systems. In addition, we do Fagor CNC retrofits. You can buy spare Fagor controller parts and used Fagor CNC parts here in our shop. Fagor CNC technical troubleshooting is support available. 

Axes boards, power supplies, monitors, and teach pendants are a few of the Fagor Automation Items we stock. Be sure to contact us if there is a Fagor part you need. 

Fagor CNC systems are on many CNC machines. Almost all Motionmaster CNC routers have Fagor Control. DMS CNC routers are also controlled by Fagor. The Fagor 8055 CNC controls many modern CNC machines. 

Same Day Shipping Available

Most in-stock CNC router parts and accessories ship the same day from our warehouse in San Diego, California. Order by 2 pm (14:00) Pacific Standard Time Monday-Friday for same day shipping on most items. 

Fagor Automation CNC Systems

Fagor Automation has been developing automation and control systems for over 30 years. Fagor Computer Numerical Control Systems are used for machine tools and manufacturing CNC’s, servo drives, servo motors and feedback systems. Fagor CNC systems are commonly in use by  industrial CNC router machines including Motionmaster, DMS (Diversified Machine Systems), Freedom Machine Tool, Royce, Quintax, Ganesh (GT, GMV & GBM series) and similar brands.

Fagor Automation Tech Support

CNC Parts Dept, Inc is a Fagor Automation world distributor and authorized Fagor integrator. Ouservices department provides technical support for Fagor 8025, 8035, 8037, 8040, 8050, 8055, 8060 & 8065 CNC systems. We offer FREE telephone troubleshooting support to end users. 

Fagor Controller Retrofits

In addition to technical support for Fagor CNC systems, our skilled engineers at CNC Services Inc. can provide many additional CNC services including Fagor CNC controller retrofits. Contact us today for more information about our CNC services available.