12000-CMS Techniks Tool Holder ISO 30 x ER 32



12000-CMS Techniks ISO 30 ER collet chuck / CMS tool holder, ISO 30 x ER 32 – 58 mm, with slotted collet nut 46132.

04616 Techniks ER 32 Slotted Nut Wrench

Techniks 04616 ER 32 slotted nut wrench, UM or RU nut type, 253mm x 75mm.

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Product Description

12000-CMS Techniks ISO 30 / SK 30 ER collet chuck / tool holder, ISO 30 x ER 32 – 58mm, with slot nut / collet nut 46132.

*Retention knobs / pull studs, ER 32 collet and ER 32 wrench (04616) sold separately.

  • For Colombo spindle motors, use retention knobs:
    • Techniks 13001 / 49001 (clamping by fingers) or
    • Techniks 49001-45 (clamping by balls)
  • For HSD spindle motors, use retention knob:
    • Techniks 49019

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in

58mm x 50mm





Manufacturer Part Number




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