Baldor / ABB DC Servo Motors

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  • MTE-4070-BLBBE

    Baldor MTE-4070-BLBBE DC Servo Motor, Rebuilt

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  • MTE-4070-BLBBE

    Baldor MTE-4070-BLBBE DC Servo Motor, Used

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  • Baldor MTE-4070-SPECIAL

    Baldor MTE-4070-SPECIAL DC Servo Motor, Used

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  • MTE-3363-BLBCN

    Baldor/ABB MTE-3363-BLBCN DC Servo Motor

  • Baldor MTE-4070-BCBBE

    Baldor/ABB MTE-4070-BCBBE DC Servo Motor

  • MTE-4070-BLBCE

    Baldor/ABB MTE-4070-BLBCE DC Servo Motor

  • MTE-4090-BLBCE

    Baldor/ABB MTE-4090-BLBCE DC Servo Motor


Baldor DC servo motors are the backbone of many CNC routers including brands like MotionmasterHowever, Baldor has discontinued manufacturing of these servo motors. As CNC Parts Dept continues to support factories who still utilize these obsolete motors, we offer comparable replacement motors

Servo Motor Cross Reference

Baldor/ABB DC servo motors are now being replaced with Glentek and Servo Dynamics brands. These Baldor/ABB servo motors are similar in size, power and electrical specifications to SEM / Servo Dynamics and Glentek motors. Additionally, they work with Glentek and Servo Dynamics servo drive amplifiers. Our skilled engineers can assist with cross referencing the correct servo motor brand and model for your application. 

Baldor Servo Motor Repairs

Baldor DC servo motor repairs are available and performed at our facility in San Diego, California. 

Servo Motor Lead Time & Availability

Servo motor lead time and availability varies. We recommend keeping a spare servo motor on the shelf to avoid costly downtime. 

Most in-stock parts and accessories ship the same day from our warehouse in San Diego, California. Order by 2 pm (14:00) Pacific Standard Time for same day shipping on most items. Check out our eBay store for more CNC router parts for sale.