QN-1F 6.5/18 24 ER32 DX BT Multitech QN Hiteco Spindle Motor



QN-1F 6/18 24 ER32 DX BT Hiteco Multitech QN series ER 32 MTC short nose electrospindle, 8 hp / 6.5 kW, dual voltage 220 V / 380 V.

Frequently Bought Together

826-090-C04 Hiteco Compressed Air Kit Modification

826-090-C04 Factory installed Hiteco compressed air kit modification for 090 frame Hiteco spindle motors (Hiteco Powertech 200 & Multitech series).

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Product Description

Hiteco Multitech QN Series ER 32 manual tool change (MTC) short nose electrospindle, 8 hp / 6.5 kW (S1), 10 hp / 7.5 kW (S6), dual voltage 220 V / 380 V. Model #QN-1F 6/18 24 ER32 DX BT.

Additional Information




220 V, 380 V


6.5 kW, 8 hp

Tool Change

Manual Tool Change


12.5 Amps, 21.5 Amps

Maximum Output Frequency

400 Hz


Multitech QN

Manufacturer Part Number

QN-1F 6/18 24 ER32 DX BT

Cooling Method

Electric Fan, Electric Fan (24VDC)

Max Speed

24,000 RPM

Rated Speed

18,000 RPM

Collet size

ER 32

ER 32 Collets and Collet Nuts

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