82620120 Fagor CA-FT2-D Connector Adapter

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82620120 Fagor CA-FT2-D connector adapter, 15 pin to 15 pin High Density, for use with AXES VPP upgrade.

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82620120 Fagor Automation CA-FT2-D connector adapter, 15 pin to 15 pin High Density, for use with AXES VPP upgrade.

This adapter is used especially when adapting machines to the 8035 CNC with Fagor’s old feedback devices providing TTL signals. It is equivalent to the adapter with cable CA-FT1-D. It converts the differential TTL signal coming from a SUB-D15 female connector into a differential TTL signal with a SUB-D15 HD male connector. The two connectors are connected through a flexible cable about 10 cm long. It is the most common adapter in these replacements because two old CA-FT1-D adapters don’t fit physically.

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