GM4050-38-02402510-279A Glentek Servo Motor



GM4050-38-02402510-279A Glentek DC brush servo motor with military style (MS) connector adapter, 1000 ct encoder, square A1-B flange (3.5″ between holes).

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Product Description

GM4050-38 Glentek DC brush servo motor with male military style (MS) connector adapter, 1000 count encoder and square A1-B flange (3.5″ between holes). CSA and UL recognized. 2.29 HP / 1.708 KW. Glentek GM4000 series motor, CE Marked. Glentek Model #GM4050-38-02402510-279A.

Glentek GM 4000 series round flange motors are available too. 

Glentek GM4050-38-02402510-279A Specificatons

  • Frame Size: 4.0″ Motor
  • Stack Length: 5.0″ Stack
  • Back EMF Constant: 38V/Krpm
  • Brake Option: No Brake Installed
  • Tachometer Option: 7 VDC Tachometer
  • Encoder Option: 1000 PPR
  • Brushless Revolver Option: No Resolver Installed
  • Flange Type: M1 Square Flange
  • Lead Termination: 16-Pin, Male MS connector
  • Sealing Option: No Shaft Seal
  • Maximum Speed: 3,500 RPM

Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in



1000 Count

Connection type

MS (military style)

Flange type

A1-B, 3.5" between holes



Manufacturer Part Number





1.7 kW, 2.29 hp


3500 RPM



Recommended Replacement for Glentek GM4050-38 (square flange)

Glentek GM4050-38 Servo Motor

The GM4050-38 permanent magnet brush servo motor uses traditional ferrite magnets, which are ideal for cost sensitive applications. It also uses higher inertia armatures, which provide improved motor to load inertia matching for medium to high inertia loads. This helps reduce mechanical shaft resonance and leads to higher servo gains for increased stability. In addition, this motor incorporates a skewed armatures, which provides low cogging torque and ultra smooth operation at all speeds. The GM4050-38 outputs up to 41.3 Lb-in (4.67 Nm) of continuous torque, and has a maximum speed of 3500 RPM. Industry standard English, metric, and NEMA mounting configurations are available.

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Glentek’s DC brush servo motor line features high performance, skewed armatures, and TENV construction. Industry standard mounting, feedback, sealing, and lead termination options available, along with optional fail safe brakes.

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